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Having worked in the creative industry for over a decade, I've got considerable experience working in marketing, communications, event management and graphic design. 

Here's a snapshot of some of the work I've done previously* 

*These were all designed by Steph, but are not Pixel to Print materials.


In my 7 years working at The Exhibitionist, I learned so much about the print and design industry. I started as a junior designer, learning the basics in wide format printing and finished as the studio manager, regularly producing creative content across a variety of touchpoints including printed collateral, video content and online services. 


This role also involved liaising with clients and 

suppliers, managing project budgets, wide format print management, as well as providing technical advice on vehicle, building and event signage.

A collection of Steph's previous work with the Exhibitionist

The Exhibtionist Collection

The Lost Arc 


​This local bar had a facelift and they needed a little something special behind the bar... the end result is this digital watercolour mural, designed, printed and installed while working for The Exhibitionist.

Ads, Posters, Reports and More...


Various advertising campaigns and printed publications that I have worked on in a number of different roles, these include annual reports, posters, flyers, brochures and other printed marketing materials.

Web Design


With qualifications in New Media Design, I have dabbled with web design on and off for the past few years. This is a collection of the custom websites that I have designed and developed personally and/or while working at The Exhibitionist.

Internal and External Signage


Reception signage, directory signage, shop front signage, privacy screening - you name it and I've probably got experience with it! These are some of the installations I've worked on while with The Exhibitionist.

Territory Medical Branding


With an ever increasing number of clinics throughout the Northern Territory - Territory Medical needed professional branding with a family friendly appeal. The application varies across the individual clinics including windows, walls and internal reception signage. 

Pull Up Display Design


Display and signage design was a majority of my work while at The Exhibitionist. This experience taught me about layout and placement of critical information to ensure the full message of a design is absorbed.

Bombing of Darwin Event Branding


I LOVE historic projects! Anything with some real substance to it and I'm hooked. These are examples of the Bombing of Darwin Commemoration event 

branding I've designed and managed, through The Exhibitionist.

Crossing the Continent Display


John McDouall Stuart crossed the continent from south to north on foot, and Charles Todd led the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line from north to south. These panels were designed as part of an exhibition celebrating the 150th and 140th anniversaries of these great Australian milestones.

Exhibition Display Design


Designing for a 3D space such as an exhibition is entirely different to digital and print mediums. With more than 5 years experience in the event and exhibition industry, I have a lot of trade knowledge in exhibition displays.


I've also worked in the broadcast television industry as a Program Maker/Graphic Designer for ABC Darwin. My responsibilities there were to produce designs and plasma graphics at a broadcasting news standard, with constant headline changes for 7pm Nightly News and Stateline. During this time I developed the ability to prioritise my workload, meet tight deadlines and execute work in a precise and efficient manner. 

Darwin ABC Plasma - Wild Weather

Darwin ABC Plasma - Wild Weather

Monsoonal weather clean up

Darwin ABC Plasma - Tiwi Recruits

Darwin ABC Plasma - Tiwi Recruits

A story on the Tiwi Bombers

Darwin ABC Plasma - Flying High

Darwin ABC Plasma - Flying High

A story on issues between Jetstar and Darwin Airport

Darwin ABC Plasma - Second Chance

Darwin ABC Plasma - Second Chance

NT Politics are ever changing

Darwin ABC Plasma - Defence Pitch

Darwin ABC Plasma - Defence Pitch

Improving military defence resourced in the NT

Darwin ABC Plasma - Cyclone Concerns

Darwin ABC Plasma - Cyclone Concerns

Getting Territorians ready for another cyclone

Darwin ABC Plasma - Tribunal Delays

Darwin ABC Plasma - Tribunal Delays

CAFL fight

Darwin ABC Plasma - Biotech Exploits

Darwin ABC Plasma - Biotech Exploits

A medical story

ABC Darwin 7pm Nightly News Graphics for local broadcast television

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