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Terms and Conditions


You ("the client") agree to hire Pixel to Print (PtP) – ABN 66 415 205 068 – for design, print, and/or project management services as detailed in our approved proposal. Your written approval of a PtP quote signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions.


This document outlines our mutual terms and conditions. All services provided by Pixel to Print (referred to as “PtP”, “we”, “us”) for you (referred to as “you”, “the client”) are subject to these terms.


  • Artwork Timeframes: PtP will provide project timelines upon quote approval, with design delivery via email. Standard revisions are expected within 5 business days unless otherwise arranged. Expedited services are available for an additional fee.

  • Design Process: Upon agreement of the design brief, PtP will develop initial concepts, typically one or two primary designs with up to two rounds of revisions.

  • Adjustments: Changes in concept, content, or scope will incur additional charges and potentially affect deadlines. Significant alterations may require invoicing for completed work before proceeding.



  • Copywriting and Images: PtP does not provide or proof text content or images unless specified in the quote. Copywriting services and image sourcing are available at additional costs. Clients are responsible for supplying images and text in digital format.

  • Approval of Artwork: Clients are responsible for final proofreading and approval. PtP is not liable for inaccuracies post-approval, and no refunds or reprints will be provided for client oversights.



  • Printing Discrepancies: Colour variations between screen previews and final printed products are possible, and PtP is not responsible for these discrepancies.

  • Working Files and Templates: PtP recommends handling all design work for brand consistency. A fee applies for supplying working files, and PtP is not liable for errors after file supply.

  • Data Storage: PtP will provide all files specified in the approved quote but is not obligated to retain or re-supply files post-delivery. Files may be purged after 12 months.


  • Copyright and Usage Rights: Clients are responsible for ensuring that they hold legal ownership or have obtained the necessary usage rights for all materials provided to PtP. PtP operates under the assumption that all content supplied by the client is either owned by them or that they have secured appropriate authorisation for its use. PtP does not assume responsibility for verifying the legal status of the materials provided.

  • Ownership of Artwork:

    • Ownership of the final artwork and associated materials is transferred to the client upon completion of full payment for the services rendered.

    • However, PtP retains ownership of specific design elements used in the project. These elements include, but are not limited to, fonts, stock images, templates, and patterns that are not exclusively created for the client.

    • If the contract is terminated before the completion of the project, PtP retains ownership of all designs and work-in-progress. This means that the client does not acquire rights to these materials, and PtP reserves the right to use them for other purposes or projects.

  • Showcasing Work: PtP reserves the right to display project work for promotional purposes post-public launch, respecting client confidentiality.


  • Project Fee and Payment Schedule: The total fee for services provided by PtP will be outlined in the project proposal or agreement. This includes detailed payment terms, amounts, and deadlines. Full payment according to this schedule is required for the completion of services and delivery of final assets.

  • Scope of Work and Additional Charges: The project fee is based on the scope of work specified in the approved quote. Any work or services requested by the client that goes beyond this agreed-upon scope will incur additional charges. 

  • Third-Party Services: Additional costs for third-party services necessary for project completion, such as printing or stock images, may apply. These will be included in the project fee or separately itemised based on the service nature and client agreement. For projects involving substantial third-party services or materials, PtP may require an upfront deposit. This is to cover initial costs and engage these services. The amount and conditions of the deposit will be clearly outlined in the project agreement.

  • Payment Methods and Late Payments: Accepted payment methods will be specified in the agreement. Adherence to the payment schedule is crucial, as delays may lead to project work suspension or delivery delays. Late payments may attract additional fees or interest as specified in the agreement.

  • Completion and Final Payment: Delivery of final deliverables to the client occurs upon receipt of final payment, ensuring that PtP is fully compensated for the completed work and the client obtains full ownership of the final products, as per the agreed terms.


  • Unforeseen events: ​Unforeseen events, such as illness, technical issues, or external circumstances beyond PtP's control, may result in delays in project timelines. In such instances, PtP will communicate any expected delays as soon as possible.

  • Cancellations: ​If a client decides to cancel the project after work has commenced, charges will be applied for all work completed up to that point, as well as for any resources already committed to the project. This is to compensate for the time, effort, and materials invested by PtP up to the point of cancellation.


  • Disclaimer: Due to the subjective nature of graphic design and marketing, PtP is not accountable for variations between client expectations and final outcomes.

  • Confidentiality: PtP commits to non-disclosure of confidential information without written consent.

  • Legal Agreement: PtP is not liable for content errors or missed deadlines due to client-related delays. The contract is non-transferrable without PtP’s consent and remains valid unless a part becomes unenforceable. This contract is legally binding upon project initiation.

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